Gian-Paolo Mazzotta
Gian-Paolo Mazzotta

Gian-Paolo Mazzotta is an eminently accomplished tailor, designer, and stylist, acutely focused on creating the very best luxury clothing suitable for an utmost quality lifestyle.  With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, this Toronto menswear designer has repeatedly been named by Sharp Magazine and BlogTO as one of the best bespoke and made-to-measure tailors in Toronto.

With a personable charisma and sociability, Gian-Paolo Mazzotta established and managed a street-level store in Toronto’s trendy Queen West for 5 years.  It was during this time that he truly honed his craft and current sensibilities.  His history in the fashion industry is further decorated with his tenure as head of the bespoke department at Holt Renfrew, where he refined his understanding of the art of luxury.  Currently, Gian-Paolo Mazzotta utilizes his learned experience as the creative director of Walter Beauchamp Tailors (one of Canada’s oldest and most well-respected tailors, specializing in civil and military tailoring since 1908).

Serving an impressive clientele of some of the most affluent gentlemen, Gian-Paolo Mazzotta has had the pleasure of dressing the likes of Stephen Curry (NBA player; @stephcurry30), DVSN (musicians; @dvsn), Virginia to Vegas (musician; @virginiatovegas), and many more.

Honed with these experiences in the fashion industry, Gian-Paolo Mazzotta’s craft is diverse and varied – ensuring a garment that is as luxurious as it is personable.  Employing a refined taste cultivated by his history as a skillful tailor and designer, Gian-Paolo Mazzotta is dedicated to the creation of garments that are tailored, not just to the body of the individual, but to the identity of the individual themselves.